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Utology Education

Identifying and Using Your Key Strengths: Methods and Concerns

Dr Nash Popovic talks to us about identifying and using your key strengths, and the dangers of taking it too far and neglecting your weaknesses. He also questions the validity of the VIA strengths survey and suggests a multi-method approach to identifying your strengths.

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Tightrope walking - Wiros

Video: Self-Regulation: The Holy Grail of Personal Development

Dr Nash Popovic talks to us about Self-Regulation (aka Self-Mastery, Self-Control, Self-Discipline). (Note: to watch a higher quality version of the video, press play, then select an HD version)

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Nagasaki bomb - US Army

Video: Mastery of our own minds: The missing piece of the puzzle

We’ve made great advances in science and technology but not in the mastery of our own minds… Dr Nash Popovic talks about his inspiration for developing the Personal Synthesis Programme.

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UK Riots - Credit: hughepaul

Video: 2011 UK Riots linked to too much focus on youths’ self-esteem

Dr Nash Popovic talks about the 2011 UK Riots and their connection to a lack of discipline in schools and the focus on young people’s self-esteem. Interviewer: Stephen Tallett Guest: Nash Popovic Director Of Photography: David Ives Music by David Ives Written and Produced by Stephen Tallett

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