Positive Psychologist critiques Positive Psychology

Dr Nash Popovic talks about Positive Psychology and its limits, identifying your core strengths and the fact that the tests may not be valid, and the problem with psychological research.

The willingness of scientists and social scientists to openly criticize their own fields, and sometimes their own work, is one of the things I respect most about science. In this video clip:

Nash Popovic critiques Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology’s VIA Survey of Character Strengths for identifying people’s core strengths may not be valid

Says Positive Psychology founders such as Martin Seligman had trouble acknowledging Humanistic roots of Positive Psychology with Maslow

The need to set the limits of Positive Psychology for it to have credibility

Limits of psychological research and survey research that rely on respondents’ answers

2 thoughts on “Positive Psychologist critiques Positive Psychology

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