5 thoughts on “Identifying and Using Your Key Strengths: Methods and Concerns

  1. Interesting point that any strength taken to an extreme becomes a weakness, could this mean the best way of living is to reduce all our impulses? whether they are strengths or weaknesses.

  2. Moderation is the right advice for many. Yet a lot of good things come from obsession. I think there’s a lot of room for positive psychology and related fields to be tailored to the individual via modern personality measures.

  3. Is identifying and using key strengths to be considered more a method of achieving goals than actual personal development? How our individual characteristics have been nurtured and influenced within contrasting environments may well suppress key strengths that are our natural attributes.

    I suspect that many of us are unaware of many of our key strengths because we’ve never had the opportunity to use them. It could be interesting to find methods for determining these types of (suppressed) strengths that we may see as weaknesses. Perhaps this kind of Positive Psychology would lead to more personal development and self fulfilment than simply identifying and achieving goals.

    Again, interesting, look forward to more content!

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